AK Power Solutions Expands E2V Integrated Power Module Offering

Redefining EV Infrastructure Deployment Guaranteed 24-Week Lead Time


AK Power Solutions, the leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) power solutions, announced today the expansion of E2V Integrated Power Module (IPM) product line which now includes an oil-filled transformer option plus a new narrow footprint for urban environments.


In addition to dry-type transformer IPMs, the expansion into oil-filled transformers-based IPMs enables customers to have another solution for outdoor and in particular outdoor space-constrained applications.


E2V Urban IPM is designed with a narrow base (48”) tailored for city sidewalks. With its compact design and efficient footprint, the E2V Urban IPM delivers the same integrated technology and performance as traditional IPM while offering enhanced flexibility for deployment in densely populated areas.


As a self-contained power module that moves power seamlessly from substation to EV rectifiers and chargers, E2V combines medium voltage switchgear, transformer, low voltage power distribution, and main breaker panel into a single unit. All units are NEMA-rated and designed to withstand operating temperatures ranging from –310F to 1220F.


E2V design takes away the logistical and installation complexities by providing a safe solution with medium voltage switchgear preventing faults from traveling upstream and a transformer that seamlessly steps down the voltage to a low voltage distribution panel which distributes the power to the chargers or rectifiers. This saves the complexities of procuring individual components, field assembly, and associated construction costs enabling one-day installation.


All IPMs produced by AK Power Solution are factory-assembled and fully integrated for ease of installation, offering a plug-and-play solution that minimizes downtime and accelerates deployment. With the industry’s shortest lead time of 24 weeks, customers can rely on AK Power Solutions to deliver power solutions that will help accelerate the deployment of EV charging infrastructure.


For more information about E2V product line, contact our team at sales@akpowers.com.


About AK Power Solutions: Headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia, AK Power Solutions’ mission is to accelerate EV infrastructure build-out with reliable, quickly deployable power solutions. To ensure the industry’s shortest lead time, our team partners with suppliers that meet compliance of U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) conservation standards. For more information about AK Power Solutions, visit www.akpowers.com.